WeirdTales Designs WitchWound

Dear One

This activation is deep & incredibly powerful!

Make yourself cozy, create ritual, and clear some space for this: You will want to do this uninterrupted and you may want a little time afterward to integrate it as well. 

Please be in a quiet, undisturbed environment where you can give yourself the gift of a very deep experience.

You will be sitting up or lying down with your eyes closed. 

We highly recommend using earbuds or headphones of some kind rather than speaker phone or holding the phone to your ear. You will have a much more intimate and enjoyable experience that way.

This is a Group Activation.

We all bring our Divine Teams together to powerfully exponentiate the activation on this call. It is designed to create a quantum leap in consciousness for all of us, that we could not do alone.

Make sure you drink lots of water after the call and be very gentle with yourself. Flush things through your system. Get outside into the sunlight. Ground, lie on the earth, walk barefoot, connect with the light codes in nature. Enjoy Epsom salt baths, activated with crystals in the water and allow yourself very deep sleep. Let your body release and rest completely.

This is deep energetic work. The activation will be integrating into you over the next several days, and will continue to do its work on you.

And, yes, you can listen to this activation multiple times.

If you got taken out during it (don’t remember what happened, but weren’t actually asleep), the work was being done on you.  Trust that.  And if you are inspired to listen to it again, follow your intuition and go for it.  You’ll receive something different every time you listen to it. 

So many people who have done this activation have created powerful life shifts from the messages and healing they received. 

Be open to your own miracle and enjoy!