The Lion’s Gate Portal

If you like to get frisky with manifestation, well, then there’s a portal we want to talk to you about: The Lion’s Gate Portal.

This super potent manifestation portal is one that will leave your magical fingertips tingling, and likely the rest of your body too.

It is a super-charged cosmic alignment that opens you up to pretty wild manifestation doorways.

It is fun, it is magical, it is otherworldly. And it’s a massive spiritual upgrade to boot.

If you don’t know when and what Lion’s Gate is, let us give you the details:

The Lion’s Gate is a celestial gateway that opens from July 26th to August 12th each year, reaching its peak of transmissions on August 8th (8-8)

This gateway is marked by the alignment between the Earth and the {super} star Sirius, which represents fertility and abundance and is a potent source of spiritual light on our planet. 

Through its power (it’s 26 times bigger than the sun!), it directly influences both your physical and light bodies.

This portal creates a massive influx of energy flowing between the spiritual and physical realms

Its power has been celebrated as far back as ancient Egypt when the banks of the Nile would flood at this time, their New Year (which was a portent of abundance), and it’s since been honored as a time of great energetic activation and ascension.

This has a tremendous impact on YOU.

During Lion’s Gate, you are more open to receive healing, activations and messages from the spiritual realm. 

There is an intense surge of light from this celestial presence that awakens your DNA, activates your energy field and transmits to you high vibrational frequencies along with awakening and abundance codes.

This is the time to get frisky and playful with your manifestations. It’s also the time to take them really fucking seriously.

What do we mean by that?

Be like the lion for which this portal is named – it is in the sign of Leo and you can harness that energy for your own good.

Leo represents heart-centered power regardless of where it falls in your chart and supports you in your individual expression of the divine. It also brings through your codes of royalty, contributing to the potency of the downloads and your ability to embody them here on Earth.

The lion is also playful while also being focused and fierce.

And in manifestation, conscious play coupled with fierce focus is a potent catalyst to the fertilization and manifestation of your dreams.

Throughout this portal, tune into what your intentions are. Take time starting on the 26th to connect to your higher consciousness and/or Source, meditate and get clear on what you want to awaken as this will amplify its potency for you.

This is one of our holy days at Kairos!

We freaking LOVE playing in this portal and so every year, we gather up a potent group of spiritual BFFs and work some serious magic in our Lion’s Gate Activation.

Now, we want to be clear: We don’t party like any regular ol’ lightworker out there. 

This activation is for people who are open to dramatic shifts in consciousness, powerful and transformative healing, and potent downloads from Spirit.

We don’t fuck around. When we go in, we go all out.

So, if you like to laugh, play and get frisky…

If you like to work powerful magic with the Cosmos…

And if you are ready to harness the energy of the Lion’s Gate to manifest a powerful intention in this 8-8 portal…

Here are a few ideas for ceremonial work that you could during this potent gateway:

day education eye svgrepo comCreate a vision board

day education eye svgrepo com Write a letter to yourself from your future self that has embodied and is living all that you desire

day education eye svgrepo com Create a manifestation card pull to gain insight into the heart of your desires

day education eye svgrepo com Work with the Strength card (from tarot) as it is symbolic of this day with the energy of the divine feminine, the Lion, the number 8 and the infinity symbol. This might include meditating on the card or creating an art project that is a visual representation of what this card means for you and how it supports the manifestation of your dreams.

day education eye svgrepo com Take time to reflect and journal on how abundance and power are linked for you.

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