The Lion’s Gate Portal

Every year around the end of July, the energy starts to become super charged. You may notice this as an itching to stretch yourself, try new things, and expand your awareness.

It may also come up as a push to clear out old programming and limiting ways of being and while that can be uncomfortable, it’s all being done in the name of growth, abundance, and the expansion of who you came here to be.

All of this is due to a super delicious cosmic portal that heightens the field of abundance and expansion, known as the Lion’s Gate.

This gateway opens up at the end of each July and reaches its peak of powerful and life changing transmissions on 8-8.

The power of this alignment has been celebrated as far back as ancient Egypt. For millennia, it has been celebrated and honored as a time of great energetic activation and ascension.

This is a time when there is a massive influx of energy flowing between the spiritual and physical realms.

Sirius, a star that represents fertility and abundance is a potent source of spiritual light on our planet. Through its power (it’s 26 times bigger than the sun!), it directly influences both your physical and light bodies.

During the gateway, there is an intense surge of light from this celestial presence that awakens your DNA, activates your energy field and transmits to you high vibrational frequencies and awakening codes.

This is a potent time to explore, activate and amplify a new economy of expansion as well as for the activation of your DNA and for the manifestation of your desires.

The celebration of this gateway goes back to Ancient Egypt where Sirius was worshiped as the goddess, Soptet, who was the bringer of the New Year and the flooding of the Nile, which both occurred at this time.

As such, this celebration coincided with an influx of abundance that was also felt to penetrate humans as the activation of their divine essence and potential.

During this event, Sirius moves out from behind the Sun and is able to beam its stellar codes towards the earth.

This is SUCH an amazing portal to do energy and manifestation work.

Sin was the ancient Akkadian name for the moon and the moon goddess. The word for “woman” was Sin-ishtu, which meant “Sin Woman” or “Moon Woman.” Sin-ishtu was also an alternative name for the goddess Ishtar, the Lady of the Left, which refers to the Left-hand or feminine path.
Here are a few ideas for ceremonial work that you could during this potent gateway:

day education eye svgrepo comCreate a vision board

day education eye svgrepo com Write a letter to yourself from your future self that has embodied and is living all that you desire

day education eye svgrepo com Create a manifestation card pull to gain insight into the heart of your desires

day education eye svgrepo com Work with the Strength card (from tarot) as it is symbolic of this day with the energy of the divine feminine, the Lion, the number 8 and the infinity symbol. This might include meditating on the card or creating an art project that is a visual representation of what this card means for you and how it supports the manifestation of your dreams.

day education eye svgrepo com Take time to reflect and journal on how abundance and power are linked for you.

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Remember that abundance isn’t necessarily the money you have in the bank, though that may be one way in which it manifests for you. For this exercise, though, notice in what areas of your life you allow abundance and how that is connected to you feeling empowered. Also notice in what areas of your life you feel lack and how that is connected to you feeling disempowered.

You will benefit from this energy no matter what – the transmissions from Sirius alone are a super potent upgrade for your entire physical and light bodies – but the more intentionally you work with it (as with all of life), the more powerful it will be for you.

But if you want to take the energies of this portal even deeper, join us for our yearly Lion’s Gate Activation, which will be listed under our Events page as we get closer to the date.

Our activations are super powerful and we work with your guides to harness the potential of this portal to activate your own abundance codes and the expansion of your consciousness.