the Journey

If you are “of Kairos,” your journey to it actually began before you even incarnated. We are a collective of human souls who have been traveling together over lifetimes and across timelines and we are coming together now to activate gifts and ignite our heart fire in the world so that we may create systemic change in society’s current template.

If you are here, you are a healer, a medicine woman, Shamaness, oracle, sorceress or witch.

Your blood pulses with the remembrance of your magic, your bones hold the records of ancestors long past who stay alive by sharing their gifts with you.

Along this journey, your magic is coming to life and as it does so, it is guiding you to the best places that can hold and support you as you amplify its resonance in your life.

To work with your magic takes trust. It requires dedication. And it also functions best when you are boundaried, embodied, and thriving.

And it’s often not the magic that needs the most support. Healers often come into this lifetime with deep witch wounding, the result of past lives of persecution and the residue of it still alive in the ancestral lineage.

This wounding makes it difficult for healers to use their voice, be visible, attract abundance, experience full embodiment and set healthy boundaries.

For you to rise as a healer, it is necessary to heal this witch wounding, find your full expression and be able to powerfully carry it into a world that desperately needs your magic.

And so this physical journey came into being…

This part of the journey is about YOU in all of your witchy power.

It’s about not just activating your magic, but also creating the transformation within you that carries it unapologetically and proudly out into the world.



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The Witch
Wound Healing

The Witch Wound is the single greatest thing that holds most magical beings back (even if you’re not aware that is what is happening).

Many who have chosen this time to be here - to create a massive shift in consciousness on the planet - have suffered some form of persecution in another lifetime.

And millions of people carry the ancestral witch wounding within their lineages.

In this free healing, you receive deep healing around this wounding, a healing and awakening of your throat chakra (your voice), a transformative nervous system reset and more. Plus, you will speak your new spells for growth into a super activated field of Source potential.

Wealth Creation

You deserve to live an abundantly supportive life, to have your needs met and beyond.

So many healers suffer from lack as a result of past life persecution and vows of poverty. But if you don’t have the money to comfortably pay your bills, nourish your body, care for your sweet self or study to amplify your gifts, it will be hard to carry your goddess-given magic out into the world.

We want you to thrive because healers who thrive are able to create a bigger impact in the world.

The Sacred Wealth collection of activations opens you up to money magic. In this series of initiations you receive deep healing for ancestral money wounds, releasing the bonds of financial servitude, the claiming of your wealth rites and for moving from scarcity to legacy.

These healings also hold tuition creation coding so if you’re interested in Kairos but are feeling the pinch around money, these activations will support you in manifesting the means to join.

The Healer's

The Healers Initiation is a 4-part journey into the elemental restructuring and rebalancing within the healer’s system. It resets and restores you to your original healers’ soul template.

The way of the healer was forced to go underground for more than a thousand years. Medicine women, midwives, shamans or oracles had to hide their powers, work in the shadows, suppress their voices and visibility.

Their skills were often distorted or manipulated for the benefit of others all while they were being pushed into the fringe. The reclamation of your soul codes and the gifts of your ancestral lineage is potent medicine for your soul in your current incarnation.

Throughout the course of 4 powerful initiations, you will work with Jaguar to bring you into full integrity as a healer, Raven to work with the power of your magic and your expression, Phoenix to heal the traumas and find the gifts in the initiations by fire you experienced in your youth and/or past lifetimes, and Frog to cleanse you and to activate the potent medicine of your own love.

These initiations restore forgotten soul codes while also activating new ones so that you are operating from your highest template as a healer.

“Ina and Janet, you two are a dynamic duo! You ladies are beyond mind, heart and spirit have been blown wide open in such a powerful and life changing way. I’m full of fire, love and inspiration! I’m still integrating so much and the gratitude I have for both of you and the work you bring to this world is so huge in every way! Thank you with ALL of my heart.”

“Janet and Ina, your workshop was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. I cannot thank you enough for all you put into it for us!! I am reeling from the benefits of today and will be forever, I am sure. Thank you for changing my life and helping me to step into my power.”

The Witch Wound Healing

Within this loving cauldron of Source potential, you will:

 Receive deep healing around the soul and ancestral wounding that has led you to believe that witchiness is dangerous.
  Claim your gifts in a powerful way that will allow you to express them confidently in the world.
 Undergo a transformative nervous system reset that works across lifetimes of fear and persecution.
 Receive a powerful throat chakra healing.
  Speak the spell of your medicine into a super activated and charged field of Source magic.
 Activate and weave your own magic within the field of pure potentiality.

....and more!

Sacred Wealth Creation


ONE ⟶  Clearing Ancestral Money Wounds
TWO ⟶  Releasing the Bonds of Financial Servitude
THREE ⟶  Claim your Wealth Rites
FOUR ⟶  Sacred Legacy: Activating your Abundance Codes


These healing initiations are PROFOUND! This is one of the most powerful money healing journeys you'll experience.
If you're ready for a massive financial breakthrough, this shamanic healing journey will blow your mind.
These are sacred recordings that you can return to many times.

The Healer's Initiation

Join us for the Four Shamanic Gateways of Healing Initiations...

The Gateway of the Jaguar
The Gateway of the Raven
The Gateway of the Phoenix
The Gateway of the Frog

  Four 90-minute activations facilitated by both Janet and Ina. These powerful energetic containers offer deep and transformative healing while also awakening the innate power of who you are and the gifts that you are here to share with the world.

So if you feel the call of the Healer, the Shaman, the Creatrix, the Witch… …then these initiations will activate and amplify all that you are here to share.


Goosebumps, tingles, full body YES’s, nerves, tummy flutters?

Trust the Divine Wisdom that guided you here.

The initiation has already begun.


Healer Archetype?

Go with your first intuitive hit as you take this journey to connect with your Healer Archetype.

At the end of this adventure, you will meet your inner Healer and amplify her energy within you!