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Tuition for our year-long Kairos Healers Academy is $14,444.

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"Every area of my life has been impacted by being a part of Kairos. My goal in joining Kairos was to develop my intuitive gifts, find my unique magic and step into my calling to serve as a healer as my 2nd career. I did all of those things but also experienced tremendous personal transformation that I was not expecting. I dropped the mask and patterning I had been living with much of my life, to live more authentically, to live in alignment with who I truly am at a Soul level. I quit Corporate America and released the need to be important in that environment in order to do greater, more important work. My relationships have improved significantly (the ones that I chose to keep); they have a depth and transparency that was missing before. I overhauled my diet and am in much better physical health. I have released so much toxicity, negativity, ancestral/ familial patterning; I really can't even describe all of the levels of healing. I am a very different person than I was a year ago."