And so the activation begins!

Welcome to The Rise of the Healers: Summoning & Catalyzing Your Intuitive Healing Powers three day retreat!

We are so grateful you are here.

Check your inbox for the details and for information on how to invite a friend for free!

You are being summoned and this weekend is going to be filled with powerful transmissions and activations. As of October 9th, you will be transformed.

We can’t wait to play in the field of potentiality with you!

Go ahead and save these dates now:

Friday, Oct 7th from 3-5:30 PT/6-8:30pm ET

Saturday, Oct 8th from 8am-4pm PT/ 11am-7pm ET

Sunday, Oct 9th from 9am-12pm PT/ 12pm-3pm ET

Ina and Janet

Sister, Priestess, Shamaness, Witch...

When you stand in your badass, witchy power and you express your truth with a sense of safety, confidence, and wisdom: You are unstoppable.

Standing in the power of your gifts isn’t something that you need to chase after or try to achieve. It is instead a deep remembrance of who you already are.
Join us for a powerful Witch Wound Healing + Activation to resurrect the magic of the Witch, the Sorceress, the Priestess, and the Shamaness within YOU!