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Healer welcome home!

The world is navigating an unprecedented set of challenges. Systems are crumbling. There is confusion, fear, loss of hope all around.  People are trapped in an illusion and suffering.

But there is always an antidote. There is always healing.
We are in the midst of a massive awakening.

And people are turning to healers and intuitives en masse as they seek to understand themselves, their bodies, and their purpose.

Healers with integrity and whole new skill sets are being summoned for this great awakening.
If you have felt the calling of the healer, the shaman, the witch, the creatrix, the prophet…

Your time is now

Your ability to heal, divine, and channel the essence of Source wisdom is being summoned.
Your capacity to heal is your superpower.

And your superpowers are what will help save the world.

If you have been feeling the call to the healing and intuitive arts, it’s time to grab your wand and get to work.

 We invite you into KAIROS, an ancient wisdom school to which you already belong.

Hidden within the spiral of existence, we’ve journeyed together before.
There’s an inner knowing, an impulse, activating Healer Codes within you.

Your soul knows it and is calling you home.
Your soul has brought you here.

We’ve circled together before… in sacred sites and holy lands…gathering in ritual and ceremony.

You’ve developed your skills as a healer, shaman, priestess, witch, sorceress, wizard, bruja, oracle, medicine woman, seer, truth teller, and knower throughout many lifetimes and these re-membrances are ready to be awakened.

Kairos is a consciousness that has existed across millennia, of which you are already a part. Within this spiraling multidimensional consciousness are healing codes, gifts and skills that are yours to be remembered and received.

They are already in your soul lineage and are unique to you.

They are of you – and now is the time to activate them to their fullest potential

wHaT wE DO

The KAIROS Healer’s Academy is a sacred container that holds the activated field of magic for you to fully receive your gifts.

But in order to do so, you must step out of linear time {Chronos} into cyclical/soul time {Kairos} and back into the ancient wisdom ways of being connected to the rhythms of the earth and of your body.

In KAIROS, you will:

The KAIROS Healer’s Academy is a year of deep self exploration and radical transformation in which you will be taken through a comprehensive training to become a professional healer who is able to work in full integrity with Spirit and your divine gifts, while being prosperous and financially supported in your healing trade.

Our year-long journey is a spiral and the curriculum is a series of nested concentric circles, held unto one another like the rings of a tree.

“OMG, I loved every single minute of it. What a powerful combo. This was life-changing and worth the time and investment. I just want more, more, more! THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING WEEKEND! This was my first retreat ever and it's only upward from here. I can't wait for the next one in Peru and beyond. I love you both!”

HOw IT wOrkS

Every six weeks, as the wheel turns through each Solstice, Equinox and cross-quarter days, you shift into a new set of deepening curriculum (8 wheels) that align with the shift in season.

time in

There are 3-5 hour long classes/week for three weeks of every month. The fourth week is for rest, integration and to catch up on anything that you need to get done.

Expert Teachers

The classes are taught by Janet Raftis and Ina Lukas, with a team of over 30 guest teachers that are experts in their respective fields.


One required text each cycle deepens your understanding of the Healing Powers cycle’s topic.

zoom in

All classes are held virtually on Zoom and recorded so that you can watch them as you desire. Classes are held predominantly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with Sacred Scribe and Wealth rituals on Mondays.


You work with other students in regular practicums to develop your healing and intuitive skills.

be a healer

You have the opportunity to become a Certified KAIROS Healer, if you so choose.

Sacred Curriculum

This is a training of sacred curriculum that will focus on developing your healing and intuitive skills, while teaching and supporting you with the necessary business skills to run a professional healing business.

You will be taken through the wheels of the healing and intuitive arts – channeling, mediumship, psychic abilities, healing arts, core shamanism and more… And as you learn these sacred arts, you will be learning and cultivating the business skills to bring them into the world in a way that allows you to thrive.

KAIROS is organized in a cyclical nature, wheels within wheels, all aligned with the energy of the divine spiral and the rhythms of the Earth and the Cosmos.
These cycles support your overall ability to thrive and to enter into and practice in this field from a place of deep connection to your divine nature.