The Reclamation
of the Healer! ​


Welcome to our 5-week Reclamation of the Healer journey! All of our Activation and Q&A calls will be housed here.

Week One: Activation

Holy Moly! 

This is a freaking powerful group of healers! What a magical and potent experience!

The activation is very powerful so make sure that you are somewhere quiet where you can fully receive the transmissions, activations and healings.

Week One: Q & A

We had a great Q+A call today!

The questions asked are likely incredibly supportive for many of you!

❤️‍🔥 My asked where the about the origin of the patriarchy

❤️‍🔥 Poa said that she relates to the shamanic archetype, but has been a dietician and does a lot of different things. She wanted to know how to narrow her focus

❤️‍🔥 Sharon has been in a funk for years and wants to know what you can do to get out of such a shut down

❤️‍🔥 Regina falls asleep during all of our activations and wants to know what that means

❤️‍🔥 Olga has dreams at night of going down into the underworld, what does that mean?

❤️‍🔥 Denise asked how you decide your healer archetype? Or do I just embrace the ones that I’m drawn to?

Week Two: Activation

Wowza, we had such a potent activation today!

Here are some of the reactions from the call:



“Wow indeed. Thank you, ladies! 💗”

“I feel like i popped a big huge pimple lol”

“Huge shifts...neurotransmitters in brain were being rewired... Holy Wowly…”


“I feel such a huge sense of self that I have never felt”

Week Two: Q & A

Such a great Q+A call today!

The questions that were asked struck a lot of chords with everyone on the call.

❤️‍ Xandrine asked about self-sourcing her safety, realizing she was never safe in her body as a child, and how to create that safety within now for herself and her daughter

❤️‍ Heather feels so many physical sensations/issues in her body and is wondering how to distinguish what is a real physical issue and how to act with integrity around it

❤️‍ Regina is a homeschooling mom with three young kids that are triggering her in different ways, having done a lot of healing work, and wondering how to not avoid the healing

❤️‍ Denise has had a lot of childhood memories/realizations come up this past week and wanted a book recommendation on inner child work

❤️‍ Claudia has done 25 years of healing work and in the past 3-4 months realized the core root is with childhood trauma with her mother and wants to know what’s missing and what she can do

Week Three: Activation

Holy moly, that was another powerful one!

We went deep into the healing of how suppressing your gifts has impacted you and moved loads of energy.

We also work with your nervous system to allow for a new reality to unfold.

And Lilith came in to support you in activating the immense power of knowing who you are.

Week Three: Q & A


Karthi is new to the healing realm and is having all kinds of visions and dreams in both the waking state and sleeping state and she can’t fully remember what happened in them as she comes out of them.

Elke is having fears come up around offering her services and what if people have a session and feel worse afterwards and accuse her of doing something wrong?

Poa had an intense reaction to last week’s activation, instantly bawling and deep healing, and then forgot the whole thing. Wondering if she should listen to the activation again?

Sufjana was financially stable during the lockdown, and used that time to connect with her daughter and nature. Bought a cabin in the woods to lead ceremonies for women, but every time she tries to organize an event, it falls through. She’s going back to teaching for now because it keeps her financially stable, but her soul’s desire is to work with women in the woods.

Stacy had an intense dream the night after the activation with her ancestors handing over what felt like healing gifts coming out of the left palm, but it felt like it wasn’t completed and she’s been feeling dizzy since it happened.

Kate asked about spirituality and weight gain, finding it hard to control her diet when she’s more in the 3D, and when she’s more spiritually connected she forgets her body, and also cycles through sugar addiction.

Fernanda is wondering if diving into family, motherhood, homeschooling is a distraction to her bigger work.

Week Four: Activation

This is a profoundly healing and activating session!

So much DNA clearing and so much weaving of gifts from blood and soul lineages. A lot will be integrating for you during your rest and sleep time; be sure to pay attention to your body’s needs and to allow yourself to be shown what is desirous of expressing through you.

Week Four: Q & A

We had a great Q+A call today!

🌟 Poa had an experience after the last activation of being overwhelmed by a feeling of being a fraud and an imposter, and having nothing to offer.

🌟 Catherine wants to be out in groups working with women and connecting with her community, but is feeling fears around leading and bringing people together.

🌟 Zavira is a coach and is realizing she’s the Wise Woman archetype and just wants people to come to her hut for wisdom and support.

🌟 Jenn has been doing mediumship for years, but is wondering if it was a bandage on deep wounding, and is feeling a shift into more shamanism.

🌟 Xandrine has been coaching for 5 years and is having more healing gifts coming online and wants to weave them into her work. She’s on the cusp of starting a weekly show, but is having fear around stepping into her full power, fear of it not being safe.

🌟 My asked if there was such a thing as ‘trauma calling’ when finding your healing gifts, similar to trauma bonding.

🌟 Siah had a weird experience during last week’s activation of feeling attacked by an attachment on her back shoulder blade, wondering if those kinds of attachments are real and if it’s related to the pain she’s had in her body since 2012.

🌟 Katrina wanted to know what the initiations look like for each of the archetypes and if fasting is an important part of a spiritual initiation.

Week Five:Activation

Holy goddess!

That ceremony was such a powerful integration for us and we can’t wait to see where our journey together leads you. We know that so much has awakened for you and there is so much ready to be revealed as you take your next steps along the path of the healer.

Week Five: Bonus Q&A

It’s time for radical transformation

We’re pretty psychic over here at Kairos, but there are some things you just don’t have to be psychic about. Sometimes, all the proof you could ever need is right there before your eyes.

And that’s how we know, like really know, that if you show up for yourself within the Kairos container, your entire life will change.

That’s not hyperbole and even while we knew before we opened the doors for our inaugural cohort two years ago that it would be really fucking powerful, we have still been blown away by what has happened within our precious container.

This is what it’s all about: radical transformation.