What does it mean to be a
Certified Kairos Healer?

Our students go through a year-long training and certification process in the Kairos Healers Academy.  The core of our training is based on being in integrity as a professional healer, which is the embodiment of Jaguar Medicine. Our training covers a wide variety of intuitive and psychic development skills, along with professional business skills for healers. 

The Kairos Certification is not a specific healing modality, but rather a training in the development of each healer’s own unique gifts.  So the work that they are doing with clients is their unique signature work that is designed to bring out the best of their specific medicine and healing skills.  

Our Kairos Certified Healers work with the healing consciousness of Kairos as an ancient transmission that flows through them, in whatever modality they are working with. 

Our healers have done an extensive amount of their own healing work and are in a continual process of their own inner reflection and growth, allowing them to work in full integrity with their clients. 

Our school is designed to bring in new healing modalities and methodologies that have not been done before.

All of our healers abide by the Kairos Healers Code of Conduct


Catherine Ewing
Catherine Ewing
Intuitive Psychotherapist/Emotional Alchemist/Wisdom Weaver

My greatest passion and joy is to support conscious, purpose driven women like you to step fully into the highest expression of your Soul purpose, using my experience as a trauma focused psychotherapist, energy healer, spiritual mentor and Light Language Activator.

Integrating a wide range of powerful tools, I facilitate deep, transformational healing of individual and collective trauma, awaken your divine energy blueprint and create lasting transformation at the cellular

Through Compassion, Expression and Recognition magic, I create safe, sacred containers for this transformation process, where you’ll experience being fully seen, heard, accepted and supported.

I’m guided by the mission I accepted from Mary Magdalene and Jeshua to heal the wound of the Divine Feminine and bring the masculine/feminine energy into balance to create Heaven on Earth.

I would be honored to walk this journey of healing, awakening and transformation with you.

Lorena Douglas
Sacred Akashic Librarian,
Healer & Therapist

I was determined to learn how to heal myself and overcome all my limiting beliefs that were holding me back from expressing my true self. While therapy helped, it wasn’t enough. I turned holistic and spiritual medicine and for the first time, I was able to experience a true change.

My background in social work and certification in different healing modalities to include master reiki practitioner, sound healing, light language, meditation, akashic records reading, quantum practitioner, IET, mediumship and psychic development, helped me to fall in love with myself.

I found that my vision and purpose is to lead and empower women to align to their highest most loving timeline. I knew for me to able to fully commit to this work I needed to go through that journey myself.

That is why if you commit to taking this healing journey, you can know that you will always be held with the highest of love, light and support.

Deborah Myers
Deborah Myers
Sacred Rage Facilitator & Core Belief Release

Sacred Rage Journey sessions take one down the journey of deep, repressed anger from trauma, abuse, and neglect. To look at it with open eyes, feel it and then be able to release the anger and pain to come through to the other side in forgiveness and love.

Deborah has been using her Shamanic gifts her whole life. Her activations, transmissions, drumming and healing modalities have been able to release energy that no longer serves. She has a way of bringing laughter and joy into transforming a difficult situation.

Working with her allows you to “be” yourself. She sees through all of the bullshit, the masks, and the trauma. Whether you’re laughing, crying, screaming, or swearing she’s with you every step of the way. Holding you heart to heart, with compassion, love and a willingness to listen and intuitively able to see the light at the end of your tunnel.

Bethany Puetz
ANCESTRAL GUIDE & Shamanic Timeline Weaver

Bethany is a Shamanic Timeline Weaver.   She creates sacred space for her clients to safely access and heal core wounds, break cycles for their lineage, and reweave a new life story.

Bethany performs ceremonies, activations and regressions, amongst other techniques, encouraging her clients to take their healing into their own hands.
Clients can expect to learn long overdue lineage lessons and have soul fragments returned, by embarking upon a non-linear journey, diving deeply into soul realms.

As a powerful Ancestral Guide, Bethany’s energy is steeped in ancient wisdom.
She holds the codes to the full spectrum of light, able to hold space and walk as easily amongst the shadows as she can walk in the light.

She also incorporates her love of channeling stones bringing a deeper dimension to the client experience.
Join her on a shamanic journey to alchemize wounds of the past and reweave your story.

Monica Gill

I work with men and women to bridge the gap in potential within themselves, and in relation with one another.

For men with a history of hesitation and resistance, I am a sage, oracle, and interpreter of the feminine. These men call me when they are ready to journey into their King archetype. There is no map for this journey; they forge their own path. By offering a feminine perspective, I reflect the potential of their greatness, and they activate it. 

For women encountering transitions or burnout - spiritual, mental, emotional - I am a coach and a guide. Women work with me to uncover, process, and activate forgotten aspects of their multi-dimensional feminine.

My tools include mindset coaching, channeled guidance, powerful questions, compassionate awareness, future-self work, typology/archetypes, and image consulting. I meet my clients where they are, we use what’s easy to do what’s hard. Our work is sometimes intense, often playful, and always worth it.

Claire Ward
Sassy Scottish Priestess
Meet Claire Ward, our spirited islander from the captivating landscapes of Shetland, nestled off the northern shores of Scotland. Infusing her practice with a unique blend of wit and warmth, Claire channels her energy healing craft with an irresistible dash of sass and humor.
Drawing from a rich tapestry of metaphysical tools, Claire's sessions and teachings weave together a harmonious symphony of Reiki, meditation, crystals, journaling, Oracle cards, Cacao, drumming, and the enchanting cadence of her own voice—accent and all! Each interaction with Claire resonates with her boundless heart and unwavering compassion, guiding you tenderly through your journey.
Empowering you to embrace your innate healing abilities, Claire equips you with invaluable tools to navigate life's trials with confidence. She stands by your side, illuminating the path to a stronger yet softer, fiercer yet more loving version of yourself. Through her guidance, you'll awaken your inner priestess and learn to cherish yourself as sacred.
Claire's offerings extend to Reiki Level One and Two training, bespoke sacred ceremonies, and personalized distance healing sessions. With her unwavering support, she invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, helping you uncover who the fuck you really are and embrace it unapologetically
Rebecca Rugh-Webb
Rebecca Rugh-Webb
The Intuitive Artologist

Psychologist, Shamanic Songstress, Forest Therapy Practitioner, Energy Shifter

Rebecca weaves her 20+ year psychology background with her multi modal magic to bring deep healing to her clients on a body, mind, and soul level. Her practices are eclectic and share intuition at the core. Some of Rebecca's favorite ways to serve clients are through her earth based wisdom, channeled music playlists, and custom intuitive artwork.

She became frustrated early on that traditional psychological practices were not getting the desired results for both her clients and her own children. This led to over a decade (and counting) of studying alternative healing modalities to integrate into the practice of psychology.

Rebecca works with both children and adults (in person and virtually) to shift them into a place of more ease and flow. If you are looking for a non-judgemental, compassionate, big picture person, who really sees you, Rebecca would be happy to walk this journey with you.

Tabetha Romero
Tabetha Romero
Ceremonial Release & Retrieval Guide
Ley Line Teacher and Healer

Tabetha is the General Practitioner of the Spirit Realm, providing a multidimensional array of modalities that fit an individual client's unique needs. She acts as a Solidarity Guide as you start your journey toward unraveling all that is not your true Divine Essence. Together you embark on a sacred journey of releasing aspects of the fallen matrix, while reclaiming architecture, technologies and Selves.

You are a dandelion on this Earth, and are in a process of removing seeds of fear, scarcity and greed. In its place you are planting seeds encoded with the frequency of LOVE. Tabetha holds space as you retrieve these seeds and blow them out into the world so someone else is inspired to do the same.

When she is not dancing around in the Ethereal Realms, she enjoys playing with her boys and Divine Partner at the beach.

Chelsea Fletcher
Chelsea Fletcher

I started my own healing journey in 2015 when my life got flipped upside down after I was diagnosed with an “incurable” environmental illness. After years of hospital appointments, and with no real solutions, my life started to crumble. A divorce and many "bathroom floor moments" later, I realized that I hadn't been living in alignment with myself and that it was literally making me sick. I turned to holistic therapies and a more authentic and alternative way of living.

The impact on my life has been profound. I embraced my inner sacred rebel. I embraced freedom, in all its forms, and created my own rules, my own values and my own path. 

And you can do the same! Feeling disconnected from your life and yourself? Allow me to help you align! Explore sessions like cellular regeneration, Ayurvedic balancing, aura readings, soul retrievals, blueprint activations, coaching and more!

Lo Geisler
Lo Geisler
Spirit Translator • Divine Oracle • Keeper of the Lotus Codes • Mystical Messengeress

Somewhere along the way, the sound of my heart got softer and softer, while the thoughts and feelings of others, and an endless list of shoulds got louder and louder. Programmed to outsource my intuition, I realized I was living for others in a prison of my own imagining. Cue my 7 year journey of reconnecting to my own wants, coming back into my body, and learning how to trust myself.

If you’re sitting with a decision or doubt, or simply trying to realign to your North Star, I channel the validation and messages that your divine team is so eager to deliver to you. Bringing in the Lemurian codes of reflection, I illuminate how you can best uphold yourself in your own love and calling upon Jaguar medicine, I call forth accountability for your own integrity.

Holding space to clarify what’s stopping you (because you already know), I help you reconnect to your unique gifts and tap into the quiet intuition of your body. We may uncover stuck emotions, cords that need to be cut, past life healings, and/or energetic healings.
Remember, YOU ARE MAGIC!

Melanie Dawn
Melanie Dawn
Shamanic Channel

Melanie walks women back to their soul’s aligned magic through the portals of scent and the wisdom of the earth.

Connecting them into their own inner garden of re-sourced enchantment.
As a Shamanic Channel, Melanie has helped women connect to their souls true calling, find their magical path of evolution and support them in stepping into the magical life they came here to live.

Her handcrafted fragrances, created in her enchanted forest gardens of British Columbia, provide a doorway into the mystical realms of Spirit to nourish and deepen connections with forgotten wisdom of the soul.

Learn more about Melanie’s upcoming sister circles, 1:1 sessions, and monthly memberships here.

Shannon Goff
Shannon Goff

Do you have a yearning for something more?

To bring some Wildness into your life?

To color outside of the lines?

Join me in a  journey through the depths to Rediscover You and your Innate Magic. We go back to your source…your Wild Child, the one who is connected to everything.  You’ve just forgotten.

Using FLOW (Fundamentals of Learning to be One with the World) principles and multiple healing modalities including Shamanic Energy Medicine, we dissolve blockages that keep you from reconnecting with yourself, others, and the natural world -- from tapping into the Magic of FLOW.

Johnlyn Broeder
Johnlyn Broeder
Spiritual Energy Healer & Empowerment Coach

Hi, I’m Johnlyn. And I help my clients create a fulfilling life in weeks — not years…

Most traditional healing practices take years to see results, but my clients start enjoying their lives within weeks. Why? Because my proprietary 5-part Tranquility Process™ finds and releases the blind spots that are hidden in the body… my clients can quickly go back to their natural state of being… feeling lighter, having more energy and confidence, and experiencing peace and joy.

Previously, in my own journey to feel good about myself, I’d tried everything. Mindset work, acupuncture, traditional therapy, hypnotherapy, EFT, holistic chiropractic care. But it wasn’t until I combined the right elements that peace and joy came back into my life.

I was almost startled by the sound of my true laughter! Today, I actually take action towards the things I want even when it’s challenging.
And now I help others create a fulfilling life! To sign up for the Roadmap to Tranquility™ Self-Assessment click below.

Stacy Robinette
Stacy Robinette
Priestess & Shamanic Healer

Stacy is a Priestess and Shamanic Healer. Her unique gifts were activated in a training that tapped into her soul’s curriculum.
As a certified Akashic Records practitioner, Stacy blends shamanic journeying, healing frequencies, and embodied practices to get to the root of emotional pain.

Two of the healing frequencies she uses are from the ancient continents of Lemuria and Atlantis, where she previously used these to heal others as a priestess.
Her passion is to create a safe space for individuals to alchemize belief systems and patterning to help them experience greater joy and fulfillment in their relationship with themselves and others.
She offers sessions online via Zoom video.

Stacy is in her joy when she is mountain biking and hiking with her family where they live in Central Oregon. She also loves to do Zumba!

Barbara Gosselin2
Babs Gosselin
Embodied Story Alchemy

Transformational healing through the embodiment of your story

Have you tried everything you can think of to create the life of your dreams, but the trauma of your past keeps getting in the way?

Healing actually comes from going IN to your story, rather than bypassing it, to glean the power and medicine it holds. It’s not a mistake, that you experienced what you did. You are meant to transmute the pain from the past into your greatest power and joy. This is the work of the alchemist. And you came here for this.

I invite you to come with me on a deep healing journey. Whether you’re new to this work, or are an experienced healer yourself, I would love to go there with you. I’ve been there; I know the road. As a seasoned healer with more than 30 years experience, I have the tools, skills and presence to accompany and guide you on this journey.

Brittney Hobs
Brittney Hobbs
The Quantum Pharmacist
Chronic Pain Specialist

Brittney Hobbs is The Quantum Pharmacist who guides women experiencing physical pain who are ready to reconnect and reclaim the power and wisdom of their bodies.

Brittney takes healing from a sole focus on the physical and instead brings focus to all aspects of their mystical body (The Quantum): physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, and sexual.  Brittney guides her clients through the past, present, and  energetic realms to the roots of the pain so that they may experience true transformational healing. 

Brittney adores living in the gorgeous and mountainous forests of Montana with her beautiful little family. 

If you are ready to begin or deepen your path of healing chronic pain, please do not hesitate to click the link below to schedule your potent session now.

Emma Burton
Emma Burton
Shakti Igniter
- Relight the fire within you

Are you ready for a BREAKTHROUGH? WOULD YOU LIKE TO PINPOINT THE ISSUE THAT IS KEEPING YOU STUCK so that you can embody your breakthrough?

If you are ready to up-level, then I would love to support you, whether it is issues with creativity, fertility, money, work, relationships or you are just ready to shine your light out into the world and ENJOY the journey.

I have been working in the holistic world for 25 years and I am ready to assist you Ignite your Passion once more so that you can uplevel with EASE & GRACE.

I help women who have tried everything, but still feel stuck, with no way out to break through their limits &  transmute the old story, and reignite the fire within. You deserve to be the Heroine of your own story!

Emily Mattocks
Emily Mattocks
Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist and Sacred Space Holder

I work with women who are ready to experience a shift in their lives. My practice uses the process of death and rebirth to move through patterns or identities that no longer serve. Through my work, you begin to shed and as you do, you create space for new growth and possibility.

I support women going through relationship changes, stage of life transitions such as becoming a new mother or entering menopause and emotional changes such as the grief process.

I create magical sessions that include sound frequencies, guided meditation and intuitive energetics. I am a strong clairvoyant so that during your session, your body and chakras will reveal the Information that we need to move you forward on your journey. 

I’m located in the Atlanta, GA area where I see clients one on one and remotely. I also hold Sound Events and a Women’s Circle monthly.

Jasleni Brito
Jasleni Brito
Brand Strategist, Transformation Coach & Multi-Magickal Artist
Jasleni Brito is on a mission to help soul-led entrepreneurs like you create magnetic brands and design the life of your dreams!
By tapping into your deepest desires, and connecting with your guides, Jasleni combines her spiritual knowing with her technical expertise to support your entrepreneurial journey.

With over 10+ years of experience, she is well versed in logo/branding design, website design, marketing, and painting. In other words, when it comes to channeled, creative expression, and visual communication, she's your girl!

As your coach, she will help you identify and hone in on your unique magic, so that you can embrace all the abundance the universe wants to give you. Are you ready to design your business AND your life from a place of soul alignment? 
Jill Brooks
The Spiritual Accountress - Personal & Financial Empowerment

Jill Brooks helps Soul-preneurs become more financially empowered by showing them how to tap into their magic to create a life of abundance, purpose and passion which inevitably leads them to their sacred wealth. Her holistic approach combines both practical and magical, tangible and intangible, to shift the energy in their financial world. 

By incorporating elements of Astrology, Human Design and Intuitive Guidance, as well as 20+ years of experience in Corporate America managing Accounting & Tax Departments across the globe, she adapts her approach based on your specific blueprint and needs.

She offers programs and services designed to put financial structures and systems in place for your business and uncover limiting beliefs, to help you heal your money trauma and recreate your relationship with money.

Jill offers her services in-person (North Georgia) or remotely across the country and overseas.  Come journey with her towards financial sovereignty!

Jocelyn Woodburne
Intuitive Healer

Custom Curated Healing Journeys and Ceremonies 

Jocelyn practices earth-based, shamanic and intuitive healing to support magical humans in accessing their gifts, walking their personal spiritual paths, and addressing any pain or trauma that might hold them back from thriving.

She believes in guidance over prescriptive practice, and that healing and growth cannot be contained by a formula approach. To that end, Jocelyn custom creates healing journeys and ceremonies in partnership with her clients and universal guidance. 

These collaborative spaces for growth allow to you approach your journey in a way uniquely suited to your own life, personality and ultimately your own soul. It is her greatest joy to witness the transformation that comes with embracing one’s true nature and living life genuinely and fully. Whether you are waking up to the spiritual world for the first time or are ready to dive deep into your awakening or healing journey, she is delighted to support you! 

Kim Koch
The Bone Architect - Structural & Postural Correction

Kim supports people who are in bodily pain, to get out of pain and feel great in their body and to look and feel younger.

The big myth being told today is that physical degeneration is a result of getting older. Have you ever heard or said, “I can’t do what I used to do because I am older?” Age supposedly causes back pain, arthritis, inflammation, degenerative joints, and dis-ease. Sadly our medical community believes this to be true as well.  Most people have tried multiple modalities with little to no change in their bodies ability to stay upright or eliminate pain permanently.

Our first virtual session, we will start shifting the energy around the emotions of the current injury and pain while simultaneously aligning the bones, improving function, and relieving symptoms so that you can live many years beyond what you believed possible.

Restore Your Divine Structural Blueprint Now

Kirsty Jandrell
Kirsty Jandrell
The Akashic Priestess

Certified Transformational Life Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer, Akashic
Record Practitioner, and Priestess.
My passion lies in guiding women to realise a life of authenticity, joy, sovereignty, and soul purpose!

Are you yearning to lead a life aligned to your authentic spirit, which makes your heart sing?
Do you have an awareness that you have a greater role to play in this planetary transition, than you are currently experiencing?
Do you deeply desire to make a difference in the world, and know that this path starts with your own healing journey?

I work with passionate, and compassionate women just like you… Change makers, space holders, and sacred catalysts, …guiding them into remembering their North Star, their unique magic, and their beautiful soul’s expression.
I am blessed to be living in soul alignment by coaching, healing, and holding beautiful ceremonial space for women, one-to-one, and in groups, both virtually and in person, here in the UK, facilitating them in realising the life they were always destined to lead!

Krystal Hinkley
Krystal Hinkley
Embodied Wholeness Guide

Krystal is the Embodied Wholeness Guide and a multi-passionate Creatrix. Her soul’s work aims to bring women into alignment with their own Krystal Clear Heart.

Through Krystal’s signature program in powerful sisterhood containers, she heartfully leads women to an awakening of their own love, a reclamation of their wholeness, and a deeper trust in their inner knowing. Krystal also loves working with women one-on-one in individually curated containers with the intent of ultimately bringing them into true coherence and alignment with their hearts and raising their vibrational frequency to magnetize the life they so desire and deserve. She especially loves helping her fellow sisters who feel disconnected, overwhelmed, and empty come into a place of deep connection, ease, peace, and passionate fulfillment in their lives!

Krystal also offers intuitive energy healings using unique crystalline frequencies and a mix of modalities, so each session is as beautifully unique as you are!

Dr.Lisa Koche
Quantum Physician

Dr. Lisa Saff Koche, M.D. is a Triple Board-Certified Physician, Functional Medicine and Longevity Expert, and Quantum Energy Practitioner.

She is the Founder and Director of Spectra Wellness Solutions, an International Speaker, author, and Tony Robbins’ lead physician for his Life Mastery Health Program.
She specializes in anti-aging and biohacking through regenerative, traditional, and integrative medicine and has a passion for helping others find true healing in both their mind and body.

Dr. Lisa has dedicated her career to cracking the code and making it simple for people to heal themselves and achieve peak performance.

Lyle Cates Harvey
Intuitive Healer and Oracular Priestess

Lyle Cates is an intuitive healer and oracular priestess gifted in helping women awaken to the truth and power of their own innate medicine. She guides women into deep healing in the realms of trauma from past lives and inner child wounding. When these emotional and spiritual blocks are witnessed with compassion and transformed, women are able to access their own medicine of the phoenix rising from the ashes. Then her past struggles and pain are alchemized into magnetism and wisdom, which allows her to birth her heart-conceived dreams into reality.

Lyle is honored to work with women in all stages of life, but especially enjoys mentoring mothers through the reawakening of their spiritual gifts and soul purposes.  Lyle honors the priestess path of the Magdalene-Isis-Rose lineage.
She has also been a licensed acupuncturist, Chinese medicine practitioner and birth doula for over 12 years. She lives in Costa Rica with her husband and two young children. 

Rhiannon Porter
Rhiannon Porter
Intuitive Healer, Mystical Channel, and Psychic-Medium

Rhiannon assists people on their spiritual awakening journey to live an embodied life of freedom, embrace their authentic core self, and thrive!

By removing masks and false programming, innate gifts can come online and flourish. Freed from the weighty restriction of hiding, deep transformational healing can flow through all layers of the “self”: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, energetic. This is where life force energy can shift from surviving to thriving.

Each session is carefully and lovingly customized, and may include: guided shamanic energy healing, spirit council, channeling, shamanic journeying, mediumship, sound healings, oracle reading, soul retrievals or past life healing, inner child healing, shadow work, somatic practices for nervous system regulation, intuitive coaching.

She is a trauma informed healer, who creates a safe space for all her clients, while being held in a container of unconditional love. She operates in full integrity, with deep spiritual hygiene practices and protocols.

Rivkah Goldberg
Rivkah Goldberg
Biofield Tuning Practitioner
& Sound Therapy

Ready to repattern habits rooted in stress and anxiety? Find yourself looping in thoughts of worry, concern, lack or fear?
Everyone can say yes to these questions but how often & how much IS UP TO YOU!

Rivkah supports individuals committed to exploring resiliency by increasing the voltage of their human electrical system. Using the coherent frequency of the tuning fork, Rivkah facilitates the nervous system's ability to reset itself.
When the innate intelligence of the body “hears” the dissonance in its own biofield, it auto tunes and self-adjusts. Resistance, frozen potential and unexpressed emotions are released and integrated back into flow. This recharge of your “voltage” returns vital life force energy back into circulation giving you more clarity, follow through, and balanced response to life.

Experience MORE of your natural organic centered alignment while feeling brighter, lighter and more embodied! Electric Health will literally light you up!

Sarah McCallum
Sarah McCallum
Cosmic Finder - Bodyworker

Sarah McCallum helps those who feel blocked, stuck, or confused uncover deeper meanings and hidden truths that may be buried within their soul's blueprint.
She travels through the realms of Astrology as well as the Akashic Records to deliver clear messages of healing to her clients. She does so in a way that is accessible and easily understood.

Sarah is a 'Cosmic Finder', revealing that which people know on a subconscious level but aren't yet aware of in their conscious body/mind.
By facilitating a safe space for the healing session to occur, Sarah works alongside her client to help unveil what was previously invisible and thus begin anew.

Sarah creates pure containers for efficient and transformational change through a reverent connection to her divine team and in co-creation with Spirit. Sarah offers sessions in person (Reno, NV) as well as virtually to prove all over the country and abroad.

Swati Stanley
Swati Stanley
Spiritual Project Alchemist , Underworld Shaman

Whether you're embarking on a website launch, crafting a transformative digital course, seeking personal evolution, or looking for guidance as you navigate your Underworld, I am here as your seasoned guide.

As a certified energy healer, Wayfinder life coach, and digital project manager, my specialization lies in guiding women through a profound journey of weaving their unique life tapestry—one that breaks free from societal norms, ancestral influences, and personal constraints. My holistic approach combines intuitive guidance, connection with Spirit guides, channeling, energy clearing, transformative thought work, and the invaluable experience I've gained over 25 years as a digital project manager for luminaries in the personal wellness industry.

Together, we will re-weave the threads of your life's tapestry into a creation that authentically reflects your true essence, fostering growth and fulfillment in both your personal and business realms.

Debbie Gordon
Debbie Gordon
My New Way Home Healing

I am an Intuitive Energetics Artist. I help those who are stuck in the past to start moving forward.

I summon whomever is wanting a radical transformation to occur within and they are ready to allow their innate ability to self-heal to be activated. We will deep dive into the core of their existence and forge into the now and release the past.

I do this by performing interactive Holy Fire Reiki sessions along with channeling source energy and bringing in crystal magic to balance the seven main chakras. I help them step into their true authenticity while releasing the lies and all that does serve them any longer. It is their time to receive new messaging and be free of all the outdated programming that was fed to them through their entire existence. It is their time to live in freedom and step onto the path of enlightenment.

Janine Giesbrecht
Janine Giesbrecht
The White Light Holder

Janine, The White Light Holder, is a light walker that is here to serve people in their awakening journey who feel lost, purposeless, have physical pain or just needing a shift. By listening to the whispers, Janine heals by using the gifts of her heart, expression magic, and sensations.

Tuning into her clients problems or issues, she follows Spirit to guide her through the sessions. Only healing what the client’s soul is ready for.

Allowing each session to be impactful and spot on. Janine works out of her home in the Peace Country, Alberta, Canada. Currently she is offering One-on-Ones in person and online. While also hosting Women’s Circles on her land.

Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen
Luminatrix of the Unseen

Julie helps individuals connect with their passion to realize their strengths in ways that lead them to their true calling-and that creates more joy and peace.

Her approach is based on the belief that if you’re disconnected from yourself by using others’ standards or relying on external sources for validation, then you will remain lost and unfulfilled.

But when you’re truly able to tap into your feelings, realize what is important to you, and get excited about what you’re bringing to the world - that’s when things become simpler and fun.

Having worked on her own soul research, energetics, and embodiment, Julie also shows clients how to dive deep to collect their soul’s shards, follow their inner compass, and manifest in creative and practical ways

Drawing on her training from shamanic practices, priestess lineages, stone medicine, and coaching, she helps her clients to be honest with themselves and own it.

Sharon Shomaker
Sharon Shomaker
Intuitive Healing Arts Practitioner

Do you have a deep knowing that you want something different for yourself, your children, and your family, but don’t know how to get there?  You’ve read the books and know what to do, but in the moment, you react from your wounding and are left feeling guilty and cleaning up the mess you made.

I'm here to empower you as you heal and process what’s preventing you from rising up to the highest version of yourself. 
Supporting you as you regulate your nervous system, reconnect with yourself, embody self-love, live with intention, and unhook from broken systems so you can intuitively mother from wholeness.  Leaving you feeling grounded, centered, lit-up, and modeling this way of being for your children. 

Guided by intuition and intention, I followed a calling to move to Costa Rica where I unschool my three children and inspire mamas like you to make the mundane more magical.

Wendy Chen2
Wendy Chen
Star Energy Facilitator & Prosperity Activator

Wendy Chen is an Intuitive Reiki Healer, Higher Consciousness Initiator, Prosperity Activator, Personal Power Through Awareness Enthusiast, and Star Energy Facilitator.
“You can create for yourself what your heart desires through laser focused intentions and conscious awareness”.

Using her signature healing modality, channeled Reiki, Light, and Star Energy, Wendy helps people manifest their Heart’s Desire whether it's a new job, house, or peace of mind. 

Wendy began working with the star energies of the Great Bear constellation, the Sirius, and the Pleiades Spring 2022. By opening to these star energies you awaken your higher energy centers, increase your inner vision and your awareness of the beings of light, and allow yourself to become a source of light. By aligning with star energy you open up your spiritual path and bring yourself into harmony with the Universe, and manifest many wonderful things in your life that wouldn't have been possible before.

Red Profile Pic
Red Miller
Biodynamic Midwife

Red Miller helps women navigate their pregnancies with sacred intuition and embodied love, so they can connect to their magic, be fully empowered in their choices, and birth with more ease and pleasure.

As a biodynamic midwife, Red has guided thousands of women, from around the globe, to bridge the gap between the birth of their dreams and everything that is keeping them from experiencing exactly that.

Red’s unique approach provides women with tools to build support structures, navigate the health system they are working in and transform their fears into positive action.

Red has attended over a thousand births in more than 10 countries including Nepal, USA and Singapore; and in diverse settings from rice fields to Bollywood and even 4 babies in a palace. With 2 decades of experience, Red masterfully holds a clean & clear container for healing and transformation.

Red works both virtually and in person & currently calls Bali home.

Code of Conduct

As Kairos healers,
we take the sacred vows to:

Do no harm

Create a safe space

Maintain strict confidentiality

Uphold appropriate boundaries

Act with the utmost integrity in what we say and do, and take responsibility when we act out of alignment

And with respect to these vows, we:

  • Are conscientious to not appropriate from other cultures. We honor other modalities, cultures and healing systems while not stealing from them and we make retributions as is appropriate.
  • Uphold that all people and all paths are sacred.
  • Commit to supporting our clients in achieving wholeness in all levels of their being, honoring that WE are not healing THEM, we are supporting them in healing themselves.
  • Respond with intention, love and presence instead of reacting. We continue to heal and evolve so that we may be a safe, equal and grounded partner in healing.
  • Provide services that are commensurate with our training and provide only services that we are qualified to offer. 
  • Continue to cultivate awareness of when we are reacting out of a trauma pattern/drama triangle response and we take whatever necessary actions are needed to quickly come back into alignment.
  • Do not discriminate against any person regardless of race, sex, cultural, national, ethnic origins, or political ideologies.
  • Practice consistent and loving self-care to ensure that we are giving in integrity and from a well-tended vessel 
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries and do not enter into inappropriate physical, emotional, or sexual relationships with clients. We do not take sexual, psychological or financial advantage of clients.
  • Strive to maintain clear and honest communication with our clients.
  • Live in alignment with our values and those that we share with our clients. In essence, we walk our talk.
  • We do not make medical diagnoses or prescribe medications or nutritional supplements without appropriate knowledge, training and licensure.
  • We believe in and uphold each individual’s right to body autonomy and we do not force our personal beliefs or viewpoints onto others. We offer suggestions and allow the client to make their own choices. We believe in personal sovereignty and in being Sourced (connected to Source wisdom).
  • We describe our sessions with clarity and in easy-to-understand terms so that each client is aware of what a session entails and provides.
  • We communicate clearly the time and length of our sessions. We show up on time for appointments and hold a boundaried container of time with our clients.
  • We are transparent in our pricing and our services are offered from a place of financial integrity.