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Our beloved sister,

So much has awakened within you in this past year.

So much has awakened within you in this past year.

You’ve healed, grown, expanded and created.

You’ve known yourself in new ways and you’re in the process of creating a life that is a reflection of all that has unfolded.

It is with you in mind that we have created what we feel is a fabulous second year program, one that is steeped in the energetics of leadership and the continued expansion of your magical expression in the world.

As you know, being a Kairos sister means so much. 

It means that your service is infused with integrity in all relations, including that with yourself. It means that you’ve honed your skills and stepped out of your comfort zone, pushing your own borders so that you may grow. It means that you practice self care and that you work consciously with the earth cycles and with Spirit. 

Second year offers you more of all you’ve been working on while providing you with the space to claim your role as a leader and a healer.

It’s a space to go deeper…

It’s a space to craft advanced healing skills, to lead and mentor others while also anchoring yourself into your vocation as a healer.

And so it is with deep reverence and so much gratitude that we share our second year curriculum with you. As with the first year, this was birthed out of our hearts’ desire to support you in becoming the fullness of your magic.

This year-long program offers you an opportunity to continue the deep healing that we do here in Kairos, while also activating the archetypes of leader and teacher within you. And of course, your powers as a Medicine Woman will continue to deepen and expand.

In year two, you become a bridge, working closely with us while mentoring the first-year students. You also more finely attune your own skills while continuing your own healing.


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Sacred Curriculum

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