snake2-WeirdTales_Val.png YEAr ThrEE

Our beloved sister,

We are amazed and inspired by all you have done over the past two years.

We are amazed and inspired by all you have done over the past two years.

You have shown up, you have healed, you have transformed. And it is with the deepest honor that we travel this path with you.

We have such faith in you and we know that to continue this journey with you is a blessing, one that we hold deeply within our hearts.

Third year is a space to activate even greater levels of leadership while also stepping into the role of teacher.

Over the course of this year, we will train you as a teacher, mentoring you in how to hold space for larger groups of people, how to tap into your unique magic to make it come alive in the classroom, and how to support students in class and outside of it.

As we move into the year, you will begin to lead classes with a partner, so that you may work in tandem as we do, supporting each other, preparing classes together, creating content…

all while being held and guided by us.

This is where all that you have learned over these past two years is upleveled into bringing your zone of genius into that of spiritual guide and mentor.

We will cultivate your unique skills to allow you to serve and teach the subjects that are most aligned with your magic.

It is your time to shine, to step into greater visibility, to become even greater support for Kairos and to learn skills that you can take into your own career if you desire to do so.



Sacred Curriculum

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