Healer's Initiation

Are you ready to rise?

Healer’s Initiation

The Way of the Healer is a journey of the soul, an opening of the heart, an activation of your desire in alignment with the voice of your higher self as it arouses an awakening vitality within you.

It is not an easy path, but it is a liberating one.

To open your heart as the healer, to be in integrity with the profession, it is necessary to step into your own fires of transmutation…

To heal the wounds that will become your own medicine for others…

To go into the abyss, so that your magic may come alive.

The Healer is not afraid to travel into the dark, for she knows
that the darkness is brimming with gifts…

Within the darkness, she meets herself…

Within the darkness, she sees into the heart of who she is, her magic,
her lineage, her power…

It is the depth of the initiations that activate the power within the Healer. 

If you found your way here, the pulse of the Healer is beating within you, the blood of the medicine folx is flowing in your veins, the memory of other lifetimes spent immersed in your magic is here to awaken. 

If you found your way here, your initiation has already begun.

And the Healer’s Initiation Series is inviting you to step inside a container of profound love, wisdom, integrity, and magic to activate and amplify the healing codes within you.

Healer’s Initiations

Healer’s Initiation


In the Kairos Healer’s Initiation,
you will travel through four initiation gateways...


Gateway of the Jaguar

Earth Element
Claiming and clearing your integrity as a healer.
In the Gate of the Jaguar, the portal of the Earth element, you will go into the Underworld and take a journey into past lifetimes to release any past corruption, manipulation, or ways in which you were out of integrity with how you used your magic.

This is a gateway of powerful release of past misdeeds and patriarchal complicity that restores your connection to the gifts from your soul’s path and from your ancestral lineage.

The Jaguar carries you into the womb of Gaia to connect with the ancient record keepers so that you may claim your power here in this lifetime.

Gateway of the Raven

Air Element