Heal the World Through Healing Yourself

Sometimes the world can be really heavy.

We know that lately it has been one tragedy on top of another, all as we’re coming out of two years of intensity that was in and of itself traumatizing to many.

It can feel like a lot. Too much. And for those of us who identify as highly sensitive, the weight of grief, sorrow, anger, frustration…can be overwhelming.

But it’s precisely during these times that the healers are needed. And not just for love and light, though that’s helpful. And not just for foot on the pavement action, though that is necessary too.

Mostly, it’s because this world needs all healing hands on deck. You don’t have to be a healer for this, though if you’re here, you likely are one (even if you have a day job that might look otherwise).

What is needed in addition to the practical steps of voting, advocating, protesting (or however you outwardly express your dismay at our failing systems) is → A LOT of healing.

All of us who do healing, can effect powerful change by focusing on our healing. Each of us is currently operating from a reality that we are somehow aligned with, whether we like it or not, and it’s likely we came here to help clean this mess up.

As you might know, the external reflects the internal. You cannot experience outside of yourself something that is not internal to you as well. (I know, that can be a tough one for us too at times.)

But that is really powerful to understand because every time we heal something within us, it is reflected outside of us.

Everything sits within some sort of pattern (even the Universe is a pattern of information with a whole bunch of other patterns nested within it all the way down to the pattern of information that is you and the many patterns of information that you run as a part of being you. Phew).

You might be able to remember a time when you healed a pattern. Let’s say a relationship pattern because most of us have dealt with this one before. Your whole life you attract the same type of partner who is emotionally unavailable to you. Finally, you realize that if that person is emotionally unavailable to you, then there is something about you that is also emotionally unavailable (just in disguise).

So you dig in, do the work, become emotionally available to yourself and bam! Just like that, the perfect person for you knocks on your door and you never date an emotionally unavailable person again.

You just shifted your reality. Sure, there are other emotionally available people out there in the world, but they are no longer a direct part of your reality.

Now you’ve healed this pattern in this lifetime, but guess what? You healed it in a bunch of other ones too (past, parallel, even future) because energy ripples out beyond you in the quantum field.

Not only that, but your healing will impact your friends and loved ones who will also feel it and it will benefit them in some way. Plus, you being happier in your relationship will mean that you’ll have a higher vibration and you will take that into every interaction you have.

Your energy field will be more radiant and your good vibes will be contagious.

We’re simplifying here, but if all of us who are interested in being the most healed version of ourselves that we can be were to focus on healing, and radiating healing out, we would be switching up timelines and effecting significant change within the field.

We’ve been teaching past life healing, activations, timeline and realm jumping over here in Kairos this cycle because we know that with each healing that is received, the world (even if it doesn’t always look like it), gets a little healthier. The entire cosmic web of creation sings a little more brightly.

When it feels dark, we can bring light. Embodied light. The light that comes from deep and transformative healing. The light that comes from being centered, grounded and present to ourselves and the world around us.

Heal the World 2

We can change the world. But the change really does start within us.

And to be clear, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t have the feels or be angry. There is some messed up crap happening in the world and righteous anger is justified and even needed for that grounded and practical action of calling your senator, voting, or picking up a picket sign. But be angry AND do the inner work to start shifting the patterning of this timeline you currently operate within.

Know that with each shift within you, the entire Universe is co-creating an even bigger shift along with it.