Healing Revelry



noun  /rĕv′əl-rē/

Boisterous merrymaking.
The act of reveling; merrymaking; especially, boisterous festivity or jollity.

Welcome home, dear One,

This has likely been a long road…

A lifetime of being different, living on the fringes, not feeling seen and not being understood…

…an experience of being “too weird,” “too sensitive,” or “too imaginative…”

But love, these are the very qualities within you that are to be cultivated, celebrated, loved on and held up.

You were not meant to travel this path alone. There is no need to play out the role of the lone wolf any longer.

Here, we’ve got you.

Welcome to this collective of Cosmic Mischief Makers, where your eccentricities are celebrated, your witchiness is honored, and your capacity as a Sacred Disruptor is revered.

In this sacred community of healers {and healer curious}, witches, priestesses, oracles and wizards, you can heal, explore, connect and learn with others who are as wild, reverently irreverent and bewitching as you are.

In this cosmic cauldron of sacred fools, you will be held, witnessed and heard.

In this community, you can be wholly, fully and uniquely you.

Healing Reverly-Community KAIROS with Janet Raftis and Ina Lukas

This is a healing collective for the
Cosmic Mischief Makers
who love to cackle while they
stomp around in the Underworld…

…who sees the sanctity of life in the midst of the insanity…

…who knows that healing is an inside job, but a Hell of a lot more fun in community…

…and who are ready to take their magic and sacredly disrupt the status quo.


In this container, each month you will have access to:

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Revelry 2

Join our Sacred Revelry

Welcome home, Sacred Disruptor

We cannot wait to heal, laugh, and learn together. And we are thrilled to create some cosmic mischief with you, weaving new timelines of possibility and potential for the healing and evolution of all.

Current and upcoming community offerings, which will vary from month to month with 8 offerings/per month and more variety of topics added as we go.

*ALL are included with your membership:

Get Access to our Kairos Healers

Picture of Shift Your Prosperity Paradigm

Shift Your Prosperity Paradigm

with Jill Brooks • The Spiritual Accountress

Picture of Somatic Nervous System Awareness

Somatic Nervous System Awareness

with Selden Beylouni • The Somatic Intuitive

Picture of Unwinding Pain: Advanced Healings for Spinal Alignment

Unwinding Pain: Advanced Healings for Spinal Alignment

with Kim Koch • The Bone Architect

Picture of Foundations of Emotional Healing

Foundations of Emotional Healing

with Barbara Gosselin • Embodied Story Alchemy

Picture of Navigating Motherhood's Underworld

Navigating Motherhood's Underworld

with Swati Stanley • Underworld Shaman

Picture of Break Through Your Blocks

Break Through Your Blocks

with Emma Burton • Shakti Igniter

Picture of Tapping for the Woman’s Soul: Using Emotional Freedom Technique to Heal, Awaken and Transform Your Life

Tapping for the Woman’s Soul: Using Emotional Freedom Technique to Heal, Awaken and Transform Your Life

with Catherine Ewing • Intuitive Psychotherapist/Emotional Alchemist/Wisdom Weaver

Picture of Conversations with the Ancestors

Conversations with the Ancestors

with Bethany Puetz • Ancestral Guide & Shamanic Timeline Weaver

Picture of Astrology Party

Astrology Party

with Sarah McCallum • Cosmic Finder

*All offerings are included

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Ina Lukas & Janet Raftis

Janet Raftis and Ina Lukas are alchemical, shamanic, creatrix channels whose work together supports you in remembering and activating your own innate power and wisdom.  Together they bring over 30 years of experience as professional healers.

Through the activations that they facilitate for their community of planetary shifters and lightworkers, they initiate the remembrance of gifts and powers from past lifetimes. Intuition is turned on, light language begins to flow, latent healing abilities become active and suppressed power is catalyzed into the ability to receive greater abundance, richer relationships and exciting opportunities.

They are co-founders of the KAIROS Healers’ Academy, a year-long magical trade school for the healing and intuitive arts.  The new school year begins on Samhain –  November 6th, 2023

They also facilitate deeply potent channeled activations throughout the Wheel of the Year (Solstices, Equinoxes, Cross-Quarters) aligning you to the rhythms of nature and harnessing your own potential to tap into your intuitive gifts and to spiritually evolve.


“Working with Janet and Ina is one of the most profound experiences I have ever had.

Over the last few years I have worked with a vast array of healers, teachers and shamans but working with Janet and Ina was different. I could feel the magic in my veins. I could feel the changes and activations in my body instantly.

Ina's light language danced through my auric field and created vortexes of healing in my tissues and cells that continued for days. I literally can not think of a better way to describe Janet's gift other than "absolute mastery in the unspoken language of goddess". Her storytelling and sharing of wisdom is so profound and NECESSARY. Her ability to channel this ancient wisdom is so inspiring and powerful.

Their light shines so bright, individually and together. You can feel it in their communication and expression. Two incredibly badass women who I respect and admire. They are destined to do the work that they do, it was written. Together, their embrace as teachers and healers feels like the truest form of love I think I have ever felt. There are not enough words...thank you.”

Rhea Emani

“It’s really hard to put into words what participating in activations and ceremonies and retreats with Ina and Janet has done for me. I’ve done quite a few and they blow me away every time! I have experienced SO MUCH healing and growth and transformation without even trying! I just show up, no matter what state I’m in and let the magic happen. And they never fail to deliver! I have never had so much fun being healed and transformed! It’s just amazing how powerful and effective their work is.”

Babs Gosselin

“Janet and Ina speak right to your soul, awakening your greater purpose and innate self - I can't even believe I stumbled upon these magnificent women, much less had the chance to attend the healings and shamanic activations! Much gratitude!”

Becky Caldwell

“The experience of being held by Janet and Ina is one of exploration, divination and evolution. I've felt a strong sense of belonging to the container they've created and nurtured. I simply adore learning from the both of them and feel inspired to bring my gifts to the world while witnessing their magic. I feel truly seen, heard and understood like never before in a teacher student relationship. I am honored to be in their presence.”

Sarah McCallum

“I love the experience of being held so securely by Ina and Janet, with such deep love and in such a container full of joy!! Each class makes me chuckle with joy, which is the infectious nature of the Janet & Ina duo! They are both magic makers of the highest order and are so deeply connected to the divine as channels and as healers – it is a true honour to be in their circle, under their instruction and loving wisdom! Thank you both for your love, dedication, passion and in-spiration!”

Kirsty Jandrell


Healer Archetype?

Go with your first intuitive hit as you take this journey to connect with your Healer Archetype.

At the end of this adventure, you will meet your inner Healer and amplify her energy within you!