Frequently Asked Questions

YES! Even if this is not directly relatable to your current career, you will learn tools and skills and receive healings that will open you up to the magic of the Universe and provide you with a means to earn more and have more fun in whatever work you are sharing with the world. It will also support you in honing your alignment with your current work, bringing more vitality and power to it.

KAIROS is a potent container for healing skill development, no matter what your ability level, as we’ll all be pushing new edges of psychic technologies.  The business benefits of KAIROS will depend on how well your business is going for you. This course will deepen any knowledge that you already have while also offering you a business course that is designed to support you in expanding your business. You will also be able to deepen your work with cycles and take your healing and intuitive skills to the next level.

We are so grateful you are here! We have designed this school to cover everything from basic to intermediate/advanced skills and the curriculum covers everything we wish we had been exposed to early in our healing careers. We have created this so that you can learn the healing and intuitive arts along with all the business skills you need to start earning money right away.

In part, this is determined by whether or not you want to receive the certification that we are offering everyone, but which is optional. here are 3-5 classes per week for three weeks of every month. The classes are each an hour long. The fourth week is for rest, integration and to catch up on anything that you need to get done. All classes will be recorded so that you can listen to them as you desire. The classes are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you decide to get certified, there are an additional 4 practicums (about an hour each) during every 6-week cycle.

We understand that going back to school, even if it’s a magic school, can feel like a lot, especially if you are full-time working or raising kids. Because of this we have designed the curriculum to be easy to navigate and manage. All of the classes are recorded and you will have integration weeks to rest and catch up. We also provide you with audio versions of the classes so you can listen while walking or on-the-go (note: not all classes will be suited to this, but many will be).

We teach and encourage you to work with cycles – those of the cosmos, Gaia and your body – and with that in mind, there will be times when you will be able to do more or when you want to do less. There are no grades and no due dates; this is an organic, cyclical, Kairos-time experience.

You will not be a certified shaman, however you will be certified in the Kairos system of healing. Our certification covers a wide variety of methodology and practice that allows you to align with the exact type of healing work that best suits you and your gifts. Shamanic practice is covered in the Mabon cycle of our curriculum and so you will learn the fundamentals of core shamanism during this period (and also throughout the year).

Whether you are new to this world or have been working in it for a while, we have created a curriculum that allows you to deeply hone in on what your gifts are and how you can align with your North Star to bring them into the world.

We understand! When we were in your position, we both had to take gigantic leaps of faith in order to get training as well.  If you feel it in your heart, trust that you are supported in bringing your gifts into the world, and really open to the magic of ALL the ways your tuition can come to you. We wanted to make this money creation process easier for you and we created a Sacred Wealth program that is designed to support you in creating tuition (and more abundance in your life in general). It’s one of the most powerful money healing journeys we’ve ever experienced.  If you purchase Sacred Wealth Creation as a money generator for your tuition, we will refund you the price ($222) after you enroll in KAIROS.   You can find more information about that program here.

We don’t offer refunds.  We trust that if you are feeling a strong pull to be in this program, you are meant to be here. We ask that you look into your hearts and tap into your full-bodied “Yes!” When you feel that, you will know that you are in the right place. If there are extenuating circumstances, however,  we are open to discussing them with you; we just ask that you be in full integrity (Jaguar medicine) with your request.

In this course, we will support you in creating as dynamic a website as possible through teachings on branding, copy and images, but we will not actually provide you with a platform for your website (or scheduling software or CRMs or any other digital product that a business needs). We will make recommendations to you for websites, some of which are inexpensive and easy to set up yourself.

We do not guarantee that you will make any amount of money, but we do guarantee that we will teach you all the skills that you need to earn a 6-figure income. If you follow what we teach you, apply yourself to the curriculum and step out of your comfort zone along the way, you should be able to earn a very nice income even before the school year ends.

We do offer a handful partial scholarships, which will be awarded on a case by case basis. Priority is given to women of color. To be considered for one, please email us at : 

While we work with the Wheel of the Year, we work with a total of 8 wheels that support you in all areas of your life. You will be opposite us in seasons, but you will still learn how to work with the cycles, create ritual and benefit from the turning of the Wheel. In addition, you will learn a large variety of skills that are independent of seasons and that will support you in business and life.

There is no private one-on-one access to us, but we will be working closely with you throughout the entire year, teaching most of the classes, connecting with you in our community and facilitating group healings and ceremonies, and we will have “office hours” each cycle. You’ll get a lot of us! And this will be one of the very few ways to have face-to-face time with us when the academy is in session.

We will have second-year certified healers available for you to schedule with should you need healing support throughout the year. The price of these services are not included, but will be available.


Healer Archetype?

Go with your first intuitive hit as you take this journey to connect with your Healer Archetype.

At the end of this adventure, you will meet your inner Healer and amplify her energy within you!