The Red Tent

Red Tent • Dark Moon


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The recordings will be available to watch until Friday, October 14th at midnight PT.

Session One: Friday Night - Opening Ceremony


“I am vibrating” “Crying over here” “I am SOOOOO loving all of this” “Holy fuck, thank you” “Mic drop! 💖” “Y'all, I can't stop crying. 😭😂” “My body was convulsing” “So very many tears, release.” “Holy fuck that ending! Lol” “🤯 INCREDIBLE” “Felt the shift!!! 💫”

“I think I will be fighting tears the entire weekend!!”

“Uncontrolled tears of emotion”

“Started feeling a buzzing then fell into a deep relaxation”

“So much release in my throat, neck and back!!”

“Thank you powerful ladies. Fuck yeah!”

“R E A L L Y Y Y Y - P O W E R F U U U L L L L”

“I so didn’t expect something so powerful!!!! Amazing!”

Session Two: Saturday Morning

Potent Healing Q&A’s + Developing your Psychic Senses

"I feel SO much better, I feel like my feet are back on the right path."

"I KNOW I am where I need to be! Thank you everyone."

"So much in one meditation. Saw things, smelled, sang, danced and walked on air."

"So beautiful! My third eye was quite cloudy and grimy so I wiped it with my magic cloth and I saw my beautiful sparkling green third eye…"

"Your healing triggered something deep in me. Wow! Thank you for your vulnerability! That was amazing!”


Session Three: Saturday Afternoon

attuning to the body + potent loveseat healings

"“Tears in reverence for this circle's power!”

“I awoke feeling energized to such a point I don’t think I should drink my coffee!”

“Yes I felt the love seat in the replay this morning, tears pouring down my eyes. And already feeling such warmth this morning ✨

“I needed more to observe last night - I was unsure if I could trust and let go - but it was when Ina said the word “Defrost" that I got shivers. Parts of me are frozen and being thawed. I am open to stepping into my power and gifts now in a whole new way!!!!”

“Thank you for this amazing opportunity! I feel so blessed to be a part of this group and wish you all love, light, and healing!”

“So many pieces of the puzzle are falling into place through this retreat. There is no coincidence that I found my way here… thank you , feeling deeply grateful and aligned 🙏

“I had an intense jaw tension release last night. I've been clenching my teeth while sleeping and in last night's session it felt like it went to my heart and released all that tension from there. so beautiful. Thank you!”

“Yesterday and today I feel bathed in bliss and boundless love”


“Yet another Mic drop, Janet 🙌

“I felt that my body loves me, and that was profound.”

“Felt like I needed this healing too. This is what I gained: I won’t be quiet. I will speak up for her. I will protect her. She will be taken care of, loved and put first.”

“Those of you who have sat on the love seat….thank you, for your courage and vulnerability, for allowing us to witness and share in the healing that is happening. WOW.”

“There are messages and medicine coming through from every single person that has been in the love seat even though my story is different.....”

“All the loveseats have been so powerful and heart opening!”

“I felt this to my core and witnessed so much angelic light during this love seat, Tyla thank you for bringing this through for us all!!”

Session Four: Sunday Morning

Holy Fuck Yes! 

We are seriously without the adequate words to articulate what went down today, so we’ll sum it up in two words: FUCK YES!!!

If you haven’t experienced it yet: today was a powerful culmination of the work we’ve done all weekend. We went deep in the love seats, we talked about co-creating the business of your dreams with Spirit and we had a super potent sacred wealth activation.

The effects of this weekend’s healings will continue to unfold and we can’t wait to see what manifests for you!

These comments from the chat pretty much sum it up….

“I love you two women so freaking much! Your joy and generosity are so beautiful!”

“Definitely not ready to let u all go!”

“I feel so different since I started with you two at the red tent, and sovereign healer. I have so much more energy, lost weight, less junk food cravings, less picking up on other people's issues. I can look people in the eye now without feeling I'm seeing their emotional pain. I stand taller, feel more in my body, looser back, and way more self esteem. It's been amazing. So good..”

“I had a session with a friend a few weeks ago and she saw a phoenix rising and I moved through three shifts of the wheel - no coincidence that you have those things on your Kairos Healing Academy page and then the phoenix gateway, you have also spoken on several things I was just reading about a few days ago - blown my mind how much synchronicity there is. No way I couldn't sign!!”

“I don’t know how y’all got my email! Magic! And the divine timing of all of this! Gahhhh I’m bursting with joy and WILL make the financial aspect work!!

“The love seat yesterday that was about having a hard time accepting all of our power because of times in the past where we used it in ways we don’t want to repeat …. Is directly correlated to my fear of accepting wealth. Andddd my left hand has been burning up all week and they all feel related - glad to be here to continue healing my money wounds …. Which are power wounds ….. Eeks!”

“I do want to say, I have gone through many programs like this and when the financial aspect came up and was completely out of reach I was pissed. I can now feel the difference that then it was FOMO and this time is legitimate alignment.”

“When I thought about not joining last year I could literally feel my soul weep.... I'd never felt that way before...even though I was scared and nervous I knew I had to follow my intuition and I'm so grateful I did!”

“I accept and claim my power!!!”

“Truly a support system unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life before KAIROS.

“I too am so grateful for this weekend. Thousands of thank you ! so much gratitude in my heart and body”

“I am so grateful to you guys for being here and doing this, and for the universe for sending me to you”

Extra Session #1: Monday Integration

Integration Healing + Q&A 

So many great questions were answered on today’s call, along with a beautiful integration process

Some of the questions we answered…

- What about psychic protection?

- How do we protect ourselves from attack? How do we know if this container is working with the light?

- I’ve been a spiritual seeker after leaving the Mormon church and finding my path. How do I know if this is another distraction that’s keeping me seeking, or if this Kairos magic that I’ve just attracted to me is really the path I’m meant to go on?

- I’m realizing so much about the Witch Wound and how it’s impacting my job. How do I heal this recurring part of feeling persecuted and judged at work?
- How do I stop giving my power away to the people in my life?

- How do I stop giving my power away to my ex’s and past relationships?

- I had a mastectomy and breast implants and had difficulty during the weekend coming into my body and embodying these parts of me.

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