Spring Equinox

Ostara, Goddess of the Dawn, a rebirth in itself, and the deity who gave her name to Easter, the celebration of resurrection, is a powerful lightworker during this time of year.

Rebirth is upon us…

The dawning of spring is here and the goddess is fertile, ready to be impregnated with life force energy.

The earth is stirring, her buds gently opening, her shoots subtly sprouting, her leaves expressing themselves into life so that they may stir on the breeze.

And you too, my dear, are emerging…

So much happened through the dark time while the earth was resting and your soul was turned inward. So much to tune into, heal and explore as you moved amongst the shadows of your and the collective awareness.

And now, slowly and sweetly, you get to emerge from the dark and rebirth into your vibrant and resplendent being.

Rebirthing yourself is a sacred process, one that you get to do as often as you like, and one that happens naturally and powerfully at this time of the year.

This holy transition is the invitation to you to rise from the Underworld of winter with the awareness of the power and glory of all that you are.

You are awakening, transforming. The earth nudges you forward as the goddess grabs your hand.

What you have been incubating, desiring, leaning into is now ready to be fertilized. It is ready to sprout from seed to sapling. It is ready to show the world what it is made of.

For thousands of years, we have celebrated the power and the necessity of rebirth…

In the goddess traditions, Inanna journeyed into the Underworld to be reborn in the Spring as did Persephone, who activated the regenerative power of Gaia by doing so.

In the mythos of the divine masculine, Mithras, the Persian deity and Jesus were both resurrected, though these stories of rebirth contain many similarities to the stories of the goddesses who preceded them.

Across the globe and traversing time,
the stories of rebirth have been a cornerstone
of civilizations far and wide.

And this is because we cannot evolve without confronting ourselves and without allowing the old patterns, defenses and beliefs to die away from us.

The divine feminine holds this truth close to her heart as the Goddess is forever linked to the energies of death and rebirth. 

The cyclicity of this provides you with the opportunity to continue to know yourself anew. It is the impetus of creation to destroy so that it may resurrect.

What within you has been dying?

What within you is ready to release so that you may be birthed again in your new form, stepping into the dreams that have been stirring during the quiet winter months?

The Spring Equinox marks the moment when night and day are of equal length, just before the Earth tips into abundant fertility and the season of rebirth, with the sun growing in strength in the sky above.

You become more outward, more active, more fertile and magnetic. All that has been whispering in your ear over the long months of winter begins to push itself forth into the manifest.

It’s ready to be fertilized and gestated. It’s ready for your loving attention and the impetus within you to bring it out into the world.

This is the time when your dreams move from the imaginal realm into that of the physical, when that which was below fallow ground rises to the surface in its rebirthing process.

Ostara, Goddess of the Dawn, a rebirth in itself, and the deity who gave her name to Easter, the celebration of resurrection, is a powerful lightworker during this time of year.

As a goddess strongly connected to fertility and the spring, she works with you to activate the gestating potential of what is coming alive for you.

The Spring Equinox is SUCH a potent portal for activating your potential along with the energy of Ostara…

…it’s the beginning of a new season, it’s the beginning of the astrological year in the sign of Aries and it’s a balancing of energies – one that takes the darkness and alchemizes that shadow with the light.

Here at Kairos, we just adore working with these potent portals that occur along the Wheel of the Year. Over the course of millennia people have gathered at these times to pray, heal, celebrate and honor the gifts of Gaia and the Divine and because of that, the power that is available for healing and spiritual work is greatly amplified.

As such, energy work is particularly strong on these days and activations are fueled with spiritual potency that catalyzes and amplifies your gifts and work in the world.

In our upcoming Spring Equinox Ostara Activation, you will:

Connect to the wisdom of your North Star to receive clear guidance around your own rebirthing potential

Reset your sacred soul template to its highest optimization for the fertilization of your vision

Receive the potent life force energy of Ostara, a Spring and rebirth goddess, who will activate your field of pure potentiality

Play in the field of Source wisdom to realize your deepest desires

Connect with a powerful community of healers, magicians, sorceresses, witches, priestesses and magic makers to amplify the potency of the Field and create miracles

This activation is on Sunday, March 19th at 1pm PT/4pm ET

Join us for this
powerful rebirth!

for just $44
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Ina Lukas & Janet Raftis

Janet Raftis and Ina Lukas are alchemical, shamanic, creatrix channels whose work together supports you in remembering and activating your own innate power and wisdom.  Together they bring over 30 years of experience as professional healers.

Through the activations that they facilitate for their community of planetary shifters and lightworkers, they initiate the remembrance of gifts and powers from past lifetimes. Intuition is turned on, light language begins to flow, latent healing abilities become active and suppressed power is catalyzed into the ability to receive greater abundance, richer relationships and exciting opportunities.

They are co-founders of the KAIROS Healers’ Academy, a year-long magical trade school for the healing and intuitive arts.  The new school year begins on Samhain –  November 6th, 2023. 

They also facilitate deeply potent channeled activations throughout the Wheel of the Year (Solstices, Equinoxes, Cross-Quarters) aligning you to the rhythms of nature and harnessing your own potential to tap into your intuitive gifts and to spiritually evolve.


I wanted to say the experiences of our three days together, with all of you, were astounding and memorable in the ways in which we witnessed and felt and shared in the authentic revealings … all of it, the precious messiness of tender tears mixed with loud wailing, as we collectively exhaled, and immersed ourselves in some brave and rambunctious feminine healing. Hats off and head bowed to you, all. Thank you, Ina Lukas and Janet Raftis, for your brains and beauty and for inviting us to this. I was on live for most of it and watched replays to catch up when I wasn’t. Thanks for making that possible.


Ladies, I am so lit up. I feel a strength I haven’t felt in so long. Invincible. I feel aligned and purposeful. In addition, I ran today for the first time in 10 years and I never thought I would run again. I’m in it and this is what ALIGNMENT and authentic living feels like! This next chapter is already EPIC.
Thank you Ina and Janet for your leadership and holding us in your loving embrace.
Let’s DO THIS 🔥

Sydney Sullivan

It’s really hard to put into words what participating in activations and ceremonies and retreats with Ina and Janet has done for me. I’ve done quite a few and they blow me away every time! I have experienced SO MUCH healing and growth and transformation without even trying! I just show up, no matter what state I’m in and let the magic happen. And they never fail to deliver! I have never had so much fun being healed and transformed! It’s just amazing how powerful and effective their work is.

Babs Gosselin