Brigid Activation

A super potent activation to awaken and empower your healing and psychic gifts

The flame of Brigid sparks and ignites

The flame of Brigid sparks and ignites, lighting the landscape of Gaia and of your consciousness.

Slowly, softly and then a little more fiercely, the flame glows and warms, opens and expands, pulsing, activating, bringing that which is below the surface up and out, into the light, into awareness.

We are mid-winter and the earth is stirring beneath the surface.

The impulses of new life are seeking the light, seeking form, seeking the divine spark that brings consciousness to matter.

And Brigid, the goddess of healing, the flame, the wells, a tenacious and persistent goddess, holds her flame high, ready to activate the healing and psychic codes within you.

Witch, healer, shaman, priestess, warlock or wizard…

Brigid knows you, she witnesses you. She sees all that lies as potential within you. 

And just as the seed within the soil begins its journey upward to the surface, she urges your gifts into full expression.

You are always deepening. There is always more.

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Brigid is an impulse to heal, to divine, to prophesize. She is the impulse to know more, express as more, to flourish.
She is the light within that constantly seeks evolution and greater connection to Source.

This goddess of the flame, goddess of the wells, allows healing through multidimensional time and space.

She goes deep and she alchemizes. She whispers and she roars. She hums and she screeches.

She is the Allness, the Oneness, within you.

And she is stepping forth now, for you, to support you in accessing greater connection with Source, to activate our channeling and psychic gate, to catalyze your healing powers.

As the global awakening gains potency, there is a quickening that is occurring. And now, here at mid-winter, we are cyclically attuned to this quickening, to Brigid and to the impulse within our own bodies and evolution to reach up and into the light.

The time of the witches, healers, shamans and priestesses is now. We are awakening and strengthening. We are being summoned.

And so for this New Year’s Day, we are summoning up

and through an incredibly special activation…

…an activation that will hold you, fill you, replenish you all the way down to the cells in your little toe…

…an activation that will restore you and align you with your North Star…

…a profound healing that will allow you to stand upon that threshold with your wings held high, ready to take flight.

New Year’s Day may be the absolute most potent field for activating intentions.

Billions of people around the world are all setting intentions and tuning into the energies of hope and desire.

If this intrigues you, it is because Brigid is beckoning.

And she will be co-creating and healing with us in our upcoming Brigid/Imbolc Activation.

You are invited to join us for a very special Brigid Activation on Imbolc
Thursday, February 2nd at 1 PM PT/4PM ET

In this super potent activation, you will come together in a group of powerful light workers to:

Wheel Clear past lifetimes of abuse of power as a healer so that you may cleanse any karmic guilt, fear or impotence

Wheel Opening your psychic and channeling gate to greater bandwidths and frequencies

Wheel Activate latent healing skills and codes within you

Wheel Work with Brigid and your guides to fine tune your intuitive capacity and the innate trust of your gifts

Wheel Support your journey as a healer as you connect with your North Star and your specific flavor of magic in the world

Wheel Ignite the fires of your magic to weave new healing realities

Wheel And anything else your guides might have up their wings for you…

*A recording of the activation is included. If you can’t make the call live, no worries – you will be held in the energy of the activation and receive the recording right away afterwards.

If you are feeling this call, it is because the archetype of the Medicine Woman, Shaman, Healer, Priestess, Warlock or Wizard is rising up within you, seeking to emerge or to strengthen.

This activation is an awakening and a re-membrance of lifetimes of healing skills that are being summoned for the healing of our world.

The call is getting louder. The quickening is here.

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I'm Ready to Activate!

Join us here for just $44
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Ina Lukas & Janet Raftis

Janet Raftis and Ina Lukas are alchemical, shamanic, creatrix channels whose work together supports you in remembering and activating your own innate power and wisdom.  Together they bring over 30 years of experience as professional healers.

Through the activations that they facilitate for their community of planetary shifters and lightworkers, they initiate the remembrance of gifts and powers from past lifetimes. Intuition is turned on, light language begins to flow, latent healing abilities become active and suppressed power is catalyzed into the ability to receive greater abundance, richer relationships and exciting opportunities.

They are co-founders of the KAIROS Healers’ Academy, a year-long magical trade school for the healing and intuitive arts.  The new school year begins on Samhain –  November 7th, 2022. 

They also facilitate deeply potent channeled activations throughout the Wheel of the Year (Solstices, Equinoxes, Cross-Quarters) aligning you to the rhythms of nature and harnessing your own potential to tap into your intuitive gifts and to spiritually evolve.


I wanted to say the experiences of our three days together, with all of you, were astounding and memorable in the ways in which we witnessed and felt and shared in the authentic revealings … all of it, the precious messiness of tender tears mixed with loud wailing, as we collectively exhaled, and immersed ourselves in some brave and rambunctious feminine healing. Hats off and head bowed to you, all. Thank you, Ina Lukas and Janet Raftis, for your brains and beauty and for inviting us to this. I was on live for most of it and watched replays to catch up when I wasn’t. Thanks for making that possible.


Ladies, I am so lit up. I feel a strength I haven’t felt in so long. Invincible. I feel aligned and purposeful. In addition, I ran today for the first time in 10 years and I never thought I would run again. I’m in it and this is what ALIGNMENT and authentic living feels like! This next chapter is already EPIC.
Thank you Ina and Janet for your leadership and holding us in your loving embrace.
Let’s DO THIS 🔥

Sydney Sullivan

It’s really hard to put into words what participating in activations and ceremonies and retreats with Ina and Janet has done for me. I’ve done quite a few and they blow me away every time! I have experienced SO MUCH healing and growth and transformation without even trying! I just show up, no matter what state I’m in and let the magic happen. And they never fail to deliver! I have never had so much fun being healed and transformed! It’s just amazing how powerful and effective their work is.

Babs Gosselin