New Year's Day

For millennia, the New Year has been celebrated as a most auspicious time, the moment when one cycle slips away and another begins.

January 1st, 2023

It’s a time of reflection, a time of change, a time of promise…

It marks the transition from one form to another and a time to create from the void.

The New Year is potential. It’s the promise of new intentions being made manifest.

These last few years have likely challenged you. They have asked us all to tune into our beliefs, our fears, our power. They have shown us the badasses that we truly are.

You may have stepped into your role as a Sacred Disruptor, working outside the lines of “normalcy,” questioning the patriarchal status quo that has kept us from our full and true expression for nearly 5,000 years now.

Claiming this mission has likely precipitated massive transformation, the kind of transformation that turns you inside out and upside down. 

The type that rakes you over the coals of the Underworld to see if you’re paying attention and then strips you down naked so that you can once again rise, as Inanna did, in your full glory, knowing that you will never be the person you left behind again.

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And so here we are on the threshold of an entirely new opportunity, the expansiveness of it opening out before us.

So much excitement! And also…

…so much fatigue.

It’s been rough. You’ve been tenacious and strong and resilient. 

You’ve done all the things {and you are amazing}. 

We see you.

But if you’re feeling at all like us and the hundreds of others we’ve heard from, some deep and replenishing nourishment right about now would be really nice…

And so for this New Year’s Day, we are summoning up

and through an incredibly special activation…

…an activation that will hold you, fill you, replenish you all the way down to the cells in your little toe…

…an activation that will restore you and align you with your North Star…

…a profound healing that will allow you to stand upon that threshold with your wings held high, ready to take flight.

New Year’s Day may be the absolute most potent field for activating intentions.

Billions of people around the world are all setting intentions and tuning into the energies of hope and desire.

It is a powerful global ritual
that holds some serious magic.

But we most deliciously create when we feel sourced and resourced.

If this appeals to you as much as it does to us, we invite you to join us in a most sacred opportunity to co-create with the goddess, your guides and Source.

On New Year’s Day, we will gather with a group of gorgeous souls for an opportunity to call up your power, to tap into your role as Sacred Disruptor, and to fucking kick some ass this year.

But we will do that riding on the winds of deep and life-nurturing, goddess-fueled nourishment and restoration.

In this activation,
you will:

Wheel Be held in the arms of the goddess and fueled with her life-giving energies

Wheel Experience deeply replenishing frequencies that will nourish you at both the quantum and physical levels

Wheel Tap into your soul’s greatest desire for 2023 and place your intention into a super-charged field of potentiality

Wheel Nourish the Sacred Disruptor within you and activate her power for the manifestation of your dreams

Wheel And whatever else your guides have up their wings for you


Join us on January 1st, 2023 at 1:00 PT/4:00 ET to infuse your body with nourishment, delight, laughter, and the seeds of sacredly disruptive change!

A recording will be provided if you cannot make it live. You can listen to the recording as often as you like, when you desire nourishment and when you desire your badassery.

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I'm Ready to Activate!

Join us here for just $44
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Ina Lukas & Janet Raftis

Janet Raftis and Ina Lukas are alchemical, shamanic, creatrix channels whose work together supports you in remembering and activating your own innate power and wisdom.  Together they bring over 30 years of experience as professional healers.

Through the activations that they facilitate for their community of planetary shifters and lightworkers, they initiate the remembrance of gifts and powers from past lifetimes. Intuition is turned on, light language begins to flow, latent healing abilities become active and suppressed power is catalyzed into the ability to receive greater abundance, richer relationships and exciting opportunities.

They are co-founders of the KAIROS Healers’ Academy, a year-long magical trade school for the healing and intuitive arts.  The new school year begins on Samhain –  November 7th, 2022. 

They also facilitate deeply potent channeled activations throughout the Wheel of the Year (Solstices, Equinoxes, Cross-Quarters) aligning you to the rhythms of nature and harnessing your own potential to tap into your intuitive gifts and to spiritually evolve.


I wanted to say the experiences of our three days together, with all of you, were astounding and memorable in the ways in which we witnessed and felt and shared in the authentic revealings … all of it, the precious messiness of tender tears mixed with loud wailing, as we collectively exhaled, and immersed ourselves in some brave and rambunctious feminine healing. Hats off and head bowed to you, all. Thank you, Ina Lukas and Janet Raftis, for your brains and beauty and for inviting us to this. I was on live for most of it and watched replays to catch up when I wasn’t. Thanks for making that possible.


Ladies, I am so lit up. I feel a strength I haven’t felt in so long. Invincible. I feel aligned and purposeful. In addition, I ran today for the first time in 10 years and I never thought I would run again. I’m in it and this is what ALIGNMENT and authentic living feels like! This next chapter is already EPIC.
Thank you Ina and Janet for your leadership and holding us in your loving embrace.
Let’s DO THIS 🔥

Sydney Sullivan

It’s really hard to put into words what participating in activations and ceremonies and retreats with Ina and Janet has done for me. I’ve done quite a few and they blow me away every time! I have experienced SO MUCH healing and growth and transformation without even trying! I just show up, no matter what state I’m in and let the magic happen. And they never fail to deliver! I have never had so much fun being healed and transformed! It’s just amazing how powerful and effective their work is.

Babs Gosselin